Sunday, March 29, 2009

HR 45 - Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

As government attempts to gain more and more control over our lives, they will simultaneously try to limit the amount and availability of guns for legal ownership. This is evidenced by this newest attack on our Constitutional rights by Nancy Pelosi and the House.

I’d like to give you the heads up on “HR 45″ - the Blair Holts Firearms Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 - introduced by Representative Bobby Rush (D) Illinois. These are the “suggested” requirements of this proposed national bill:

Require Licensing to anyone who wants to own a gun.
Require each gun owner to submit a current passport size photo to the government.
Require the individual to submit to a thumbprint for the government database.
Creation of a Federal Firearms Card.
Must release any mental health records to the government - so they will be able to decide who can and who cannot own guns.
You would then have to pass a “test” administered by the government that would test you for the following: the safe storage of arms, the safe handling of arms, proper use of firearms in the home and the legal responsibilities of firearm owners.
Imagine those requirements? Whether this Bill gets put in the schedule for Congress or not - just know - this is just the beginning of the attack - it will come in waves over the next 2-4 years. The government will slowly try to limit our availability to guns, ammunition and the rights of gun owners.

Once the government alienates and disenfranchises enough hard working, tax paying Americans these elected officials - do not want us armed - simple as that. Which is why I say that right now, one should own guns - to prepare for whatever direction this country takes. Even the Declaration of Independence talks of the people’s right to “alter or abolish” a government when it becomes “destructive to these ends.” We cannot let these documents become meaningless - our founding fathers knew that this is where our form of government could lead.

An American has the right to protect themselves. As it clearly says in the 2nd Amendment - “The right of the people to keep and bear arms - shall not be infringed.“ We must all rise up to block any attempt by this radical government to infringe on our 2nd Amendment - this Amendment may be our last hope - our last coat of armor and the founding fathers knew this - which is precisely why they wrote it into the Constitution. Remember, when it all began, that it was the states who were dominant and the Federal government was small - we must go back to these roots if America is to thrive once again.

This issue of gun “control” should clearly be decided by each individual state as they choose fit. Let their people vote on it and make their own decision - we do not need these corrupt Federal politicians deciding the 2nd Amendment fate for each end every person in this country - they need to butt out! The people know that they need to bear arms now more than ever - because of our crazy out of control government.

We must rise up as a people and protect our sacred 2nd Amendment rights because if these rights are slowly eroded away then along with them will be other cherished Constitutional rights. We must stand tall to protect out Constitution. Right now it’s the only thing between us and complete Socialism - which is desired by our elected officials.

Don’t let them fool you. In today’s news we saw Obama saying he was “against” the Fairness Doctrine - but in reality he just knows that it would cause a HUGE backlash against the government and free speech - he doesn’t want to go there right now - he just wants to slowly and “behind the scenes” sink this great country into a Venezuelan type of Socialism - are you ready for it? Or are you ready to fight against it?

What gets me is that every member of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House including the President has sworn under oath to uphold the Constitution - based on what is happening in Washington right now and this proposed bill I would say that NO ONE is upholding the Constitution - NO ONE is even thinking of the Constitution, so that leaves it up to us - the tax payers - We the People. Please, make your voice heard today.

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